February Lecture at the Toledo Museum of Art

A Conversation with Marilyn Horne by Marilyn Horne on Knowledge Stream.

Upcoming Event in Tokyo


Recent Videos About Denver Digerati Projects

Denver Digerati: Partners and Investors from TheArtTrade on Vimeo.

Denver Digerati – Friday Flash 10 – Now from TheArtTrade on Vimeo.

Upcoming Video Festival in Marseilles, France


Cutout Festival in Mexico

CutoutFest - Denver Digerati

Lecture at Wayne State


Recent festival in Romania


Two of my video works were recently shown at this festival in Romania.


Vision Magazine in China

Last Fall I participated in an exhibition project called #Tagging Art# where artists contributed work, then made new work in response to another artist. The artwork has now been included in the September issue of Vision Magazine in China. Here are a few phone images from the recent issue that were sent to me:


September Issue of Vision Magazine in China


September Issue of Vision Magazine in China


September issue of Vision Magazine in China


September issue of Vision Magazine in China

#vision #visionmagazine #taggingart#

Tokyo Collaboration—Noise Lab 01


Digital Animation Now!


Countdown continues for Friday Flash No10 – Digital Animation NOW! taking place on Friday July 24th at 8pm. This still is from Denver Digerati commissioned artist Barry Whittaker, who returns to the screen to join an extraordinary group of artists from around the world

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