None of This Is Real exhibition at Montana State University’s Northcutt Steele Gallery



Early Draft for an upcoming SaBa Project

Here is an earlier sketch for a project to be exhibited this Summer in Nagoya, Japan. We are now a few iterations beyond this sketch, but here is something to give a sense of some things Sam and I have been playing with:

New SaBa Project

SaBa (Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker) are currently working on a new project for an upcoming exhibition with NODE-Lab in Nagoya, Japan. Imagine the intersection of a video game and vegetables.

Back in 日本

SaBa is currently working on a new interactive project. This time we are using a depth camera with Processing and Max/MSP. Images will be posted in the not-so-distant future.


I just returned from a conference in Savannah, organized by the International Digital Media Arts Association. The speakers ranged from academics to entrepreneurs. Mobile app development, collaborative mapping, and gaming in relation to learning were a few of the notable presentations.

Now that I am back, I must find the energy to format and print the images for the Barchael show, which opens this Friday. I am looking forward to having another show with Vertigo.

Upcoming Barchael Exhibition