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Weekly Images 週2

The New Studio

Now that I’m back in Rotterdam, I’ve moved into a larger studio. It’s not quite this clean any more, but I thought I should post the images I took a week ago.

Here’s the great space comforter I’m using.

Setting and Soccer

Here are more images of the building and the view outside my window.

Yesterday I joined the Japanese artist “Wah Document” for their installation/performance of a soccer match in a local home. I played on the home team in the second game. The first was a one-on-one game. I joined the two-against-two match. It was a nice break during the day and a surprisingly good excercise for playing in a kitchen, hallway, and foyer.

NASA HiRISE Animation of Mars

YouTube – Athabasca Valles – HiRISE DEM Animation.

Crop Circles in the LA Times

Here is an article of images I found on the LA Times site.


I found this quote while reading this article.

“Agamben takes us to astrophysics to explain the darkness in the sky to be the light that travels to us at full speed, but which cannot reach us, as the galaxies from which it originates recede faster than the speed of light.”


I’d like to thank my friend Justin for sending me this link about Hiroshi Sugimoto. I’ve always enjoyed his photography and am glad to see what he is currently “playing” with.

Gabriel Orozco

“I want to disappoint the expectations of the one who waits to be amazed…”

Orozco, who said he “gets bored easily” and continually aspires to reinvent himself, one challenge of success is to remain free of encumbrances.

“I don’t like a big enterprise of people working for me,” he said. “I don’t want to be a master. I want to be a kid. To keep making art, you have to put yourself in the position of a beginner. You have to be excited by a stone on the sidewalk or, like a child, the flight of a bird.”
—Gabriel Orozco quoted from the NYTimes

Stitchting Kaus Australis

This is the residency building where I will be working for January and February 2010.

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