Tokyo Exhibition

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Tokyo Exhibition Opening


Shanghai to Tokyo


After 6 weeks teaching in Shanghai, I’m now in week two of a month-long artist residency in Tokyo. There are a couple more weeks left before the exhibition of my current projects. You can find more information here:

Upcoming Film Festival


Upcoming Exhibition in Detroit

Flash Friday #4

Here is the entire video from the outdoor presentation in downtown Denver. You can also get more information here:

Promo for FlashFriday

DMB in Downtown Denver

Denver Digerati Flash Friday #4

A video work from the DMB Collective (Donald Fodness, Michael Bernhardt, and Barry Whittaker) will be part of an exhibition this Friday in Downtown Denver on a giant LED screen.

SaBa Exhibition in Nagoya


Upcoming SaBa Exhibition in Nagoya, Japan

Mother Brain: A SaBa Exhibition at Spazio-Rita

Interactive installations by SaBa (Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker)

RECEPTION Sunday, July 21, 8 pm
EXHIBITION July 18-21, 2013

Spazio-Rita, Nagoya, Japan


Mother Brain, 2013:

Drawing inspiration from open source culture and community farming movements, SaBa (Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker) have created Mother Brain, a game which is driven by locally produced vegetables. As the vegetables gradually change over time, so will the game—a landscape transformed into a garden of glitches.


Bunrakuraku, 2012:

Bunrakuraku explores the intersection of technology, participation, and puppetry. Taking inspiration from international styles of puppet theater, ranging from Japanese Bunraku to Punch and Judy, this work explores the intersection of audience and puppeteerwith a few extra limbs included. Bunrakuraku places viewers into a virtual puppet theater space. Limbs appear and disappear, each controlled by a different audience member. In this space, an individual’s movements and actions are combined to form a single multi-limbed puppet. Here, people are encouraged to playfully engage with multiple collaborators.

SaBa is a series of collaborative projects created by Sam Sheffield & Barry Whittaker. SaBa develops interactive works in a range of media.



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