My Generation, 2023

Barry Whittaker

 “Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.” Albert Einstein 

As in ancient history, today’s victories, advancements, and innovations will eventually fade from memory. People who have yet to be born will learn of our challenges and achievements through the faded, corrupted files excavated from obsolete hard drives and devices found in landfills and history museums. Future generations will know our art, culture, and technology as primitive and quaint echoes of past people.

In this work, I examine the stratification of time and the gradual evolution of manufactured symbols and monuments. Scanned 3D models of stone, plastic, and plaster statues fly across the screen as if they were passing clouds. Human figures interact with digital geometry, transforming between natural and abstract forms. Algorithmically sequenced samples accompany the resulting images, weaving together form and sound into a continuously evolving digital tapestry.